A Journey in Writing

I have three blogs, and a Facebook page all currently neglected and, as such, niggling away at the back of my mind. So, although not a resolution at the start of the year, it is time to put the matter right. (The emotional blocks for not doing so before will be recorded elsewhere, so I’ll post links to my other blogs, as I resurrect them, for those of you who are interested.)

Of course, a major barrier to writing is life itself but for me that, ironically, means writing. The business of it: studying its form and its style, flexing its muscle, networking and producing takes much time and it is these areas that have given me the excuse not to blog. 

First was the MA, in Creative Writing, undertaken at The University of Portsmouth (in the UK) and now a follow on PhD. I was accepted on that programme in the same week I graduated from the MA, with a Distinction, as the ‘dux’ graduand of my cohort.

It was an incredible week: at the ceremony, I shook the hand of university chancellor, Sandi Toksvig, fibbing the only reason I’d studied the MA was to shake her hand. Several hundred students had already drilled past her that day, gleaning a smile and acknowledging nod, so I said it for her amusement. But she surprised me more, I think, saying, ‘Aw, have a hug!’ So I did.

It’s a moment I hold dear. 

Sharing our stage, the professors’ faces changed from drowsy to wide-eyed amusement. Some of them may remember it too – especially, perhaps, those who’re still there as signposts on my route map.

There is one thing I’ve learned though, beyond the skills of production: take time to enjoy the journey, look around – not so much to smell the coffee, although that often helps, but to dwell on the landscape and take in the air. It is there you will find yourself; there is your voice.