and Onward

With regard to the ‘reputable creative writing course’- I should have fought for the return of my fees, on the grounds of tardy service, but I didn’t. I could have demanded a change of tutor, but I’d run out of energy and, in any case, the materials were good and the feedback excellent, when it eventually arrived. So, I thought I’d just tinker along with it while I busied myself with another, more rigorous course. But life doesn’t work like that – or my life doesn’t.

It is typical of me to throw myself manically into any new venture, so I had already been casting around for the next step up. It was time to bring it into play. The Open University had a level one (first year, undergrad) course with a creative writing element and no-one there was going to say no to me. Yippee! This was perfect.

The course (A150) was a mixture of history, literature and creative writing and, as my degree had covered two of these elements, I felt it would be a good academic refresher (ya boo sucks to my earlier refusers) as well as helping to build my writing muscles. The course was well structured and, although I nearly fell out with one peer re his inconsiderate commandeering of the required jointly written wiki, I loved every minute. It did everything the blurb had led me to believe and even reintroduced my to the experience of academic examination. My writing was definitely improved by the experience, even though the new (to me) concept of flash fiction was not my cup of tea – as evidenced by the much lower score I received for the creative writing exam task. But my overall exam pass was respectable and the other writing assignments scored reasonably.

Still bruised from the earlier experiences, but now encouraged, I decided on a dedicated OU course in creative writing: booking onto a level two that started in the November, and also onto a short course to take me through the summer. It was costing me a fortune, and my dipping pool was being fast depleted, but this was far too important to stop. The tardy tutor long forgotten, I really felt I was on my way.


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